During the pandemic My good friend Greg Smith hit me up about an fundraiser anthology that was releasing to help get medical professionals during the Covid19 pandemic PPE, and in turn they would get a cool anthology comic. It was called Heroes Need Masks. I wanted to contribute so bad. […]

Heroes Need Masks – A Fundraiser for getusppe.org

You’ve waited all this time and now it’s here! Issue 4 – Story time with Jonly is now available! This issue features some amazing guest art and guest characters. You don’t want to miss the rap battle in it, or the robot lubrication ad. It’s all awesome. Best issue today […]

Jonly Nonly #4 – Story Time with Jonly is out ...

I know you probably just forgot, and that’s ok. You can still go order this epic third issue with the button below. You get to meet a new guy named Plank Face in this book, and he’s like, super important in a future issue. Though that wont be out for […]

Jonly Nonly #3 is out now! Get your order on!

The second issue of everyone’s favorite comic series starting a guy named Jonly is available to order now!! You really should click that link below and pre-order this epic tale of holiday magic. What was originally a giant cross over to various web-comics in 2010 is not a full 24 […]

Jonly Nonly #2 is out TODAY!

As the title suggests, in 2017 I drew a story called “Missionary Soup” for Hellcat Press’s “Tales From the Public Domain“. From their website: Tales From the Public Domain – published in August, 2017, Tales From the Public Domain asked writers and artists to take their favorite public domain horror story and breathe […]

Tales from the Public Domain – A 2017 Anthology I ...