About y2cl

Ok so you found our site by chance from an ad or a link, or maybe you use Stumble Upon and found us that way and you want to know what in the hell is going on? Well then this is the page for you! I will try to be brief yet thorough.

I suggest that if you are new to Y2CL and want to read some back comics to start with “To Catch A Nick“.

By all means read the entire archive if you want, but from there on is where the newer strips start. Read more about the “z2c” story line here.



y2cl was created in the summer of 2003 by jhorsley3 as a way to make his friends laugh. The plan was to make it a thrice weekly comic and keep an update schedule. In the first few years there where several times y2cl would only update once or twice a month and then it would update 5 times a week. At the time y2cl was hosted on J’s main website for his art and at it’s peak was getting between 3,000-6,000 visitors a month. In April of 2006 y2cl was put on hold while J got married (to a beautiful, smart and talented woman), had kids and tried to get his life in order.
In September of 2007 J realized that his life will never get in order and he missed the fun of doing the comic.

September 21st 2007 the first y2cl since April 16th, 2006 was posted and the world rejoiced at the return!

Only to be sad again in 2010 when he posted that last z2c comic in anticipation for the next story line, y3cl, only for y2cl to go radio silent for a few years. April 28, 2010 that last comic would post with the next one planned to start a few months later. The first seven comics of y3cl did get posted, but have been removed since they where in a style that has been dropped.

In March of 2008 Jon Anderson joined the creative team of y2cl and his first comic appeared on June 13th, 2008. Since Jon Anderson joined jhorsleyy2cl has done nothing but get better.

Right not y2cl is in the process of prepping our much anticipated futuristic “y3cl” story gearing up to launch in January 2016!