Here is the second part to our epic conversation with the one and only DJ Cupid! Check out his social links below!  This one we continue the topic from the first one but Kaylie brings up the issue of crossing the street because someone looks “thugish”.  We would love to […]

Should you cross the street? With DJ Cupid

Tonight we are joined again by DJ Cupid from the Cammy and Cupid podcast! Tonight we kick off the first in a series of conversations we want to have about why we can’t say or do certain things. We start out strong with the race topic and a word no […]

Why can’t I say N*gg*r? with DJ Cupid

It’s another REUP EVERYONE! I know, the title really has very little to do with this episode, but that’s ok. It’s another RE-UP from the old show. Originally this was called “SEX TALK WITH YOUR MOM!” even though no ones mom was on the show (not counting Kaylie). For the […]


KEVIN SMITH AND JASON MEWES! We bought tickets to see Jay and Silent Bob Get Old AND An Evening with Kevin Smith to see their 4/20 show in Seattle Washington! Though at the last minute they changed the second show to another Jay and Silent Bob Get Old. At first […]

Kaylie and John do Jay and Silent Bob (not literally)

[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”]What time is it? It’s time for another y2cl RADIO RE-UP! This time John looks back at episode 10 where Producer Kam turned 15 years old and they talk with Keith Wood from Mysteries of the Arcana. Keith now works on Starship Moonhawk with Mac […]

Producer Kam turns 15 and Keith Wood! (from 2009)

[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”]We went to Emerald City Comic Con back in March and recorded some amazing audio for you! All together in this one episode is the audio we recorded for the show! As we always do when we can we stopped and talked with Kaylie’s favorite […]

John and Kaylie (and the kids) go to Emerald City ...

[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”] Subscribe on: LibSyn |  iTunes | Google Play |Stitcher | YouTube | TuneIn   Tonight we dip back into an old episode from June 13th 2009 where Kaylie and I met with Peter Vine who joined us all the way from England and Rose Loughran from Scotland! We talk comices, music, nipples and […]

It’s a Hard Moon Rising with Peter Vine and Rose ...

Subscribe on: SoundCloud |  iTunes | Google Play |Stitcher | YouTube | TuneIn   We go back in time to 2009 to when John lost a bet and had to pierce his nipples! What? You want to see the video? Ok, fine, here it is! The music you hear: Intro: Damn the Cow – The Amazing Adventures of Schmecky […]

Episode 32: John gets his nipples pierced!

Subscribe on: SoundCloud |  iTunes | Google Play |Stitcher | YouTube | TuneIn   My daughter Saidey is 9 years old (10 in 3 months) and is in love with the show Haven (that ended in 2015). She wanted to come on and talk about her love of the show and who am I do say no to my little […]

Episode 31: Saidey talks Haven and The Colorado Kid (Stephen ...

Subscribe on: SoundCloud |  iTunes | Google Play |Stitcher | YouTube | TuneIn   I know I talked The Last Jedi over on Spoiler Country, but I really wanted to talk this over with my good friend Nick, who is also the inspiration for the character Earf in my Jonly Nonly comics! This is a good one, take a listen […]

Episode 30: Star Wars The Last Jedi Review with Nick!

Subscribe on: SoundCloud |  iTunes | Google Play |Stitcher | YouTube | TuneIn   We started working on this episodes MONTHS ago but had a little problem with getting it done. Take a listen and find out why! John is without Kaylie or Jackie on this one, but he has two super special co-hosts that have stepped into help him […]

Episode 29: Tegan and Dad see Batman & Harley Quinn!

Subscribe on: SoundCloud |  iTunes | Google Play |Stitcher | YouTube | TuneIn   Tonight I bring you an episode from 2009 that has parts in it that are oddly topical right now. With all the crazy sexual harassment allegations out there on all these powerful men in Hollywood and politics, back in 2009 we talked about how it’s a […]

Episode 28: Jillian Lueke talks Twilight and Hollywood ...