For work sometimes John heads to trade shows. Back in September he got to go to Dreamforce down in San Fransisco! Such a beautiful city. To make the trip more fun he (dunno why I write this in the third person) recorded some audio each day of the con! Oh, […]

Dreamforce and a Broken Back!

On the show tonight: John Kaylie Jaimie Cordero Find us on Social: The Show John Upcoming shows we will be at! July 17-21 – San Diego Comic Con Support the Show! Support us on Patreon: Support us with our Amazon Affiliate link! […]

Jaimie Cordero and Espionage Cosmetics at Rose City Comic Con ...

Everyone knows we love our events! Conventions, concerts, whatever! Ok, it’s John, he loves to go to everything and record to make an episode. Why? Well, he likes to catalog whats going on and always has something to say, at least he thinks he does. He also writes these descriptions […]

TH3 Heads to Rose City Comic Con 2018 in Portland!

Today we bring you another ReUp from the old show, originally released on July 12, 2009! This one was actually originally part of the Jon Anderson show, but I broke it out because it made no sense to be included, that episode was already pretty long.  I want to apologize […]

ReUp! – Jamias and the Sex Percussions

I’ve known Jeff since I was in kindergarten, so as of posting this 30 years. This is the first time since starting podcasting in 2009 that I have had him on. No idea why it took so damn long! He was over at my house getting ready for a fishing […]

Tourney Prep and Robust Rambling with Jeff Jensen

For today’s episode we dip into the vault of lies and bring you a re-up of y2cl radio episode 14 from WAY back in the day! This one features Jon Anderson and the topics tend to stay somewhere close to the gutter for the whole hour. Not suggested to listen […]

ReUp! – Meet Jon Anderson!

We did it! After 9 years we made 50* episodes! Kenric from the fantastic podcast Spoiler Country (no bias here) joins us to mediate the questions from our loyal listeners! Learn all about us, and things people asked us! Check out Spoiler Country: On the show tonight: John Kaylie […]

The Big QnA! (With Kenric of Spoiler Country!)

Being from the Seattle are how is it that we have never seen the Foo Fighters play live? Well on September 1st we fixed that! If you follow us on social media (you should) you already know we went and had an awesome time! In this awesome concert review (kinda […]

Foo Fighter at Safeco Field!

We did it! We finally finished our San Diego Comic Con episode! It’s only a few months late, but thats ok! Better late than sorry! We have also switched hosts, so hopefully everything was smoth on the transition! On the show tonight: John Kaylie Kim Find us on Social: The […]

San Diego Comic Con 2018!

Kaylie and John hear out to their annual tradition of seeing John’s all time favorite band, Streetlight Manifesto! If you have not checked them out then stop what you are doing now and go check them out! They are amazing! Streetlight Manifesto – Also you get to hear a […]

Streetlight Manifesto LIVE at the Showbox SoDo!

This episode was a lot of fun to do back in the say, mostly because it involved a ton of drinking which wasn’t something we did a lot. It’s funny, I had always thought that Kamren was the one who brought me all the drinks during this and not Jackie. […]

REUP – The Drunken Fools!

Here is the second part to our epic conversation with the one and only DJ Cupid! Check out his social links below!  This one we continue the topic from the first one but Kaylie brings up the issue of crossing the street because someone looks “thugish”.  We would love to […]

Should you cross the street? With DJ Cupid