y2clRadio Episode 2 – Our Top 5 Movies: A definitive list
Subscribe on: SoundCloud |  iTunes | Google Play |Stitcher | On tonights show we talk about our all time top favorite movies, the definitive list (as of this recording). We did have some audio issues with the Skype call, so please bear with us! The song in the intro is “Tight Tight Pants” by […]

y2clRadio Episode 2 – Our Top 5 Movies: A definitive ...   Recently updated !

I just picture Larry farting and sniffing it for the carrot smell.   Also, this is inaccurate, bunnies don’t eat carrots.

Invisible Eye Sight

2016-09-25- AVGS - Duck Gang
Made with Graphic Novel app for android.

Duck Gang

High Class Trash
God I hope Trump doesn’t win. In the future, if you are looking back, I pray it is from a Trump free world.

High Class Trash

2016-09-22-AVGS - Flea and Irony PAge 4 and 5
I figured I would put this up. I’m not going to draw it, so read the script and use your imagination. ↓ TranscriptPAGE 4 Panel 1 Flea is still on the floor FLEA Know you were coming!?! Wha- What are you? Panel 3 Close up of Irony unzipping a zipper […]

Flea and Irony Page 4 and 5

2016-09-21-AVGS - Flea and Irony Page 3
And this is the last page I did for Flea and Irony. To bad, it would have been awesome to finish this and see it in print. ↓ TranscriptPAGE 3 Panel 1 The same house CAPTION Two weeks later Panel 2 Its night, Flea is sleeping in his huge bed; […]

Flea and Irony page 3

Subscribe on: SoundCloud |  iTunes | Google Play |Stitcher | Catch up with Kaylie, Jackie and John as we attempt to catch you up on what we have been up to over the last 6 years but are interrupted by a surprise guest! Links talked about in the show: y2cl.net store y2cl Instagram On […]

y2clRadio – Episode 1 – 6 years later   Recently updated !

2016-09-20-AVGS - Flea and Irony Page 2
Why is he so sad? We will never know, because I never finished it. I guess you could ask Trevor, since he wrote it. ↓ TranscriptPAGE 2 Panel 1 Flea is walking to the door, very sad looking MOM (off shot) Flea? Where are you going? FLEA Doll died… Must […]

Flea and Irony page 3