2016-07-27-AVGS-Caitlin Vs Jenny Page 17 - Hands up
Did you see that coming? What does it all mean?!? Tomorrow is the LAST page of this confusing tale! ↓ Transcript"no.. no.. Kevin.. come on Kev wake the fuck up. Come on." Caitlin was only slightly coherent. Many of her words ran together. "Look, I loved you Kevin. God dammit […]

Caitlin Vs Jenny Page 17 – Hands up

2016-07-26-AVGS-Caitlin Vs Jenny Page 16 - Football tackle
For this page, use your imagination. ↓ TranscriptShe cocked the gun. At that, my instinct took over, and I rushed her. I tackled her as though she was a 200 pound man in a football jersey. As she went down, I was deafened by the echoing blast of gunfire. Jenny […]

Caitlin Vs Jenny Page 16 – Football tackle

2016-07-23-AVGS-Caitlin Vs Jenny Page 13 - They Meet
She already said her name was Jenny in the first panel…why did she say it again? Oh noes. ↓ TranscriptYes. Something bad was about to happen. "Hey Kevin!" I turned back to jenny, who was also now walking towards me. I stood where I was, and waited for them to […]

Caitlin Vs Jenny Page 13 – They Meet

2016-07-22-Paige - Poor Kay-Bear
And this concludes the first chapter with amazing art by Kristene Onyskow! Come back next week for the continuation of the story with a new artist! ↓ TranscriptPage Four Panel One: we see the inside of Julia’s apartment(think 20 something girl’s place) view is towards the door, door is open […]

Poor Kay-Bear

2016-07-22-AVGS-Caitlin Vs Jenny Page 12 - Bad Feeling
Oh snap son! What’s gonna happen next?! I don’t know! I’m creating this page by page and posting them into the queue! I’ll find out when I post the next page!

Caitlin Vs Jenny Page 12 – Bad Feeling

2016-07-20-AVGS-Caitlin Vs Jenny Page 10 - She doesn't love you
The transcript has a little more details on what’s going on if you care to read it. The second to last panel, I make that face when my kids tell me something they have done that I really didn’t want them to do. Like wash their face in the toilet. […]

Caitlin Vs Jenny Page 10 – She doesn’t love you

2016-07-19-AVGS-Caitlin Vs Jenny Page 9 - The Date
Man I love those landscape scenes, they are so scenic and beautiful!   ↓ TranscriptIt was late into the afternoon, and I had realized I hadn’t checked my mail yet. I went outside, and to my surprise, leaning on my mailbox was a girl. It was Jenny. "Hi" I hollered, […]

Caitlin Vs Jenny Page 9 – The Date