2016-11-25-y2clrejects - Dylan Vs Sea Monster
I half like this and half hate it. I like it cause it has color! I hate it cause it has color! oh man.

Dylan Vs Sea creature

2016-11-24-y2clrejects - Dylan Vs Frankenstein
I’ve always loved this image. Even given all it’s flaws with anatomy. This was really the first drawing I ever played with micron brush pens and getting ink textures. It would really shape how I would draw from then on.

Dylan Vs Frankenstein

2016-11-23-y2clrejects - Dylans Diary Entries Original 1 - Trouble in the John
Originally the Dylan’s Diary Entry was a little side comic where I would create them in this style. I ended up hating it. These are also 100% true entries to the real life Dylan’s Live Journal (yeah, we are that old). Use the number buttons to see all three.

Dylan’s Diary Entries – The originals

2016-11-22-y2clrejects - y2christ ComX Page 22 - The end of this crap!
And there you have it, the end of y2christ ComX! So a little back story, I started y2cl (originally y2christ-lite) while I was still working on y2christ ComX. I had decided about a month in that I would still finish the comic and publish the story as a backstory for y2cl. […]

y2christ ComX Page 22 – The end of this crap!

2016-11-21-y2clrejects - y2christ ComX Page 21 - The Penultimate Climax
So this is special. I spent all this time (like 4 months) working on y2christ ComX making layouts, notes, and writing the pages only to have this be the LAST page I wrote and never wrote the LAST PAGE to the FREAKING STORY. Now I have to decide if I […]

y2christ ComX Page 21 – The Penultimate Climax