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2016-06-22-Jonly Nonly - Knees that grow

Knees that grow

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This one is probably racist. I think it is. Oh well.

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At 13 years old I wanted to start a comic strip. I wanted to call it Pissant. I had high hopes. Such high hopes that I only drew this ONE strip. Yeah, I’m proud of me too.

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Cool new hat

Cool new hat

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Well, my dad's drawings are really good! And they are interesting and crazy! He really works hard on them! They are weird and funny! I love them! Someday I want to make comics with my dad!


Someday I want to make y2cl comics!

( Saidey (daughter of jhorsley3) )

Well since I've never read any of these comic book I think they are horrible. Yes, I say horrible. What kind of dad makes a comic and does not let you read them? Like what the heck? I'm..I'm just so fluster and flabbergasted!


I Don’t KNow about these comics!

( Kodi (son of jhorsley3) )

I've seen these comic books in person.. The first thing that came to me was these are way better quality than the ones I used to buy.. Every thing was crisp and looked amazing.


They look amazing!

( Donnie )

I'll say you have a knack for writing offensive jokes without actually coming across offensive.


It’s not really offensive!

( Joe Garcia of For The Reels. )

I was always looking for a site dedicated to y2cl, now that I've found one I can read all the crazy antics in one place! I asked the creator once to draw me a picture of a puppy, and to my shocking surprise I told myself "I don't draw puppies!" Man, that was a good one. What I enjoy most is all the funny comics and hidden things on the website that I/he does. Like this testimonial from myself. Good job me!


The best site about y2cl I have ever seen!

( jhorsley3 (Creator of y2cl) )