2016-08-28-AVGS - DTC - Road Trip
A lot of the “music” to these songs was just super distorted power chords. You know, the normal for a junior high punk band.

DTC – Road Trip

2016-08-27-Stolen Ideas - Talking Boxes by Ryan Dawson - Pancakes for all
Another one featuring the artwork of Ryan Dawson from his Talking Boxes comic. Yes, these are the same panels from last weeks just in a different order. Not sure who is next week, but I bet it will be about breakfast food! (I’ll try to make it something more exciting!)

Talking Boxes by Ryan Dawson – Pancakes for all

Cherry Stems
I love the taste of cherries, but I hate cherries themselves.

Cherry Stems

2016-08-21-AVGS - DTC - Outcast
We actually recorded this one with our one time female singer, Amy. What’s that? You want to hear it? Ok!

DTC – Outcast

2016-08-20-Stolen Ideas - Talking Boxes by Ryan Dawson - Cat Army
Ryan gave me a page from his comic “The Talking Boxes“. I recommend checking it out, it’s pretty neat. Again, I made a comic about breakfast food. Why do so many of these revolve around breakfast food? Why am I always hungry? Anyway, next week will be another Talking Boxes and […]

Talking Boxes by Ryan Dawson – Cat Army

Hand Drawn Mocha
Sexist coffee is sexist.   I also drew this back in like 2011.

Hand Drawn Mocha

2016-08-16-y2cl rejects - Alberto - A Look Back
Alberto is one of my favorite people. I met him when he was 14 and I was still in high school. We bonded over our mutual love of video games. Then one time I sent him an Atari Jaguar on good faith and he would “pay me later” for it. […]

Aleberto – A Look Back

2016-08-15-AVGS - Cyborg-Bosco vs Cricket
The dogs in this series are my mother in laws Chihuahuas.   Made with the Graphic Novel app.

Cyborg-Bosco vs Cricket

2016-08-13-Stolen Ideas - Gecko Jehovah by EJ Anderson - What am I doing with my life
EJ Anderson, creator of Gecko Jehovah, was kind enough to give me a page to write some jokes over. My original concept for this was WAY..uhm..grosser. I toned it down some and honestly, I think it made it way funnier. I may post the original at some point, we shall […]

Gecko Jehovah by EJ Anderson – What am I doing ...