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Man Vs Titan   Recently updated !

Subscribe on: SoundCloud |  iTunes | Google Play |Stitcher | YouTube     I had a small idea that I would ask my buddy from down under a few questions for a little 5-10 minute bit to put into an episode. Instead, we talked for over an hour and a half! Nothing I can […]

Episode 12 – 5 Questions with Deth Invictus of Australia

What a call back, Ok, Inanimate is done. 

Still hurts

What does this mean? Well, as you may have known if you follow me on any social media or listen to the podcast, but I am canceling ALL the comics.  Even the original y2cl.  Someday I may return to the y2cl world, but if I do it will be in […]

It’s not a Reboot

Subscribe on: SoundCloud |  iTunes | Google Play |Stitcher | YouTube Music: Tonight we end out the year strong with our 100% definitive list of things! On the show – John Kaylie Jackie Buy Prints! – Game of Thrones: Hodor and Bran – Iron Giant – Never Ending Story: Rock Biter […]

y2cl Radio Episode 11 – Best of 2016 lists