y2cl In The Media

This page is still in the works, but here are a few quick and dirty links to interviews with and and reviews of y2cl.



  • Sept. 03 2009 – Ken from Rick The Stick did a little write up on y2cl. Check it out HERE!
  • July 22 2009 – Karl Kleese from Willows Grove gave y2cl an interesting review where the hotness of my wife and the awesomeness of my family came into play Read it here! (don’t forget that I reviewed Willows Grove back in April)
  • May 8 2009 – Byron Wilkins from 1977 gave y2cl a great plug and review hitting on some good points that needs improvement on (the site) and why you should give y2cl a read through! Read it here!
  • April 21 2009 – Dawn Griffin from Zorphbert and Fred wrote up a nice review/plug. Read it here.
  • Sept. 20 2008Read my Complaints: Sidewinder reviewed y2cl and gave it a nice score of crap. He did not post his review, but I have it and I have posted it here. Take a read of what he DID post. Keep in mind, he ONLY reviewed the first 75 comics and NOT the whole archive. (He also wasn’t wrong, the site was painfully slow then and the comic was shit)

There where several reviews and interviews before 2008 but I have lost all the links to them. As I find them I will post them here, or if you know of one/find one let me know via the contact page.