Who is J Horsley III?

Welcome you to my world of creativity and imagination. From my humble tenure as the former King of Sensible Castle in Doonawanly Castletownroche, Co Cork, Ireland, to my journey as a versatile artist, writer, performer, and family man, my life has been a vibrant tapestry of experiences

Academic and Spiritual Life

My insatiable thirst for knowledge led me to attain a Doctorate of Sacred Bacon Theology. As a devoted Minister from both the Universal Life Church and the United Church of Bacon, I’ve explored the depths of spirituality and connectedness. Through my writing, I strive to blend the profound and the whimsical, touching hearts and minds alike. I’ve showcased my prowess beyond the realms of writing and music. In the 1998 Marvel vs Capcom Midnight Tournament at Harris Casino in Reno, Nevada, I emerged as a formidable runner-up, proving my mettle as a versatile competitor.

Music Life

My passion for music has seen me evolve through various roles – former drummer for Damn The Cow, bassist for Ardus, and guitarist for Baneful. Each note strummed, each rhythm tapped, has been a testament to my love for self-expression through sound. In a pivotal moment, I secured victory in the 1999 Klahowya Talent Show, showcasing my solo prowess as a bass guitar virtuoso. This triumph remains etched in memory as a testament to my dedication to my craft.

Athletic Life

A three-time State champion bowler, I’ve mastered the art of precision and focus. My commitment to excellence extended to academics, landing me on the honor society and Dean’s list, showcasing my dedication to intellectual growth. I’m not just a creator; I’m also a mentor. As a dedicated youth league baseball and soccer coach, I instill values of teamwork, discipline, and determination in the young minds I have the privilege to guide.

Family Life

Beyond the accolades, I take immense pride in being a devoted father of five amazing children. Each one of them different than the other, and each one brings their own amazements. Husband to one for nearly two decades at this point. They are my best friend and partner in crime as we traverse this insanity we call life. The joys of family life are a wellspring of inspiration that fuels my creativity.

Performing Life

I’ve lent my voice to the cosmos as a podcast host for “Spoiler Country,” where we dissect stories, offering insights into the art of storytelling. Additionally, I’ve assumed the role of a voice actor on “Starship Moonhawk,” channeling characters to life through the power of vocal artistry. Stepping into the spotlight, I starred in the “Safety First” music video, a testament to my willingness to embrace diverse artistic endeavors. This facet of my journey encapsulates my spirit of fearlessness and creative exploration.

Comics Created

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