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Based in Seattle, WA, USA.

Standard Comic Sized Perfectbound Softcover


Collects issues 1-5. 

Publication date:
Winter 2019


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[email protected]


The Art of John Horsley




What do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino?

A very confused zoo keeper. 

Jonly Nonly is a humar based series that also dives into questioning things in our every day lives. What started out as a joke drawing Kaylie Horsley did to her husband John has, in her words, “gone too far”. Originally a caricature of John and his friend Jeff, John took it upon himself to take these drawings into illustrator and vectorize them.  He then proceeded to make a new Web-Comic for around a decade with this characters, making sure the whole way Kaylie got full credit as an artist on the series. A fact that she wishes wasn’t true.

After it was decided that the web-comic should come to an end John wasn’t done with the series just yet. He thought “I wonder what I could do if I took these our of gag strips and made a sequential comic out of it!” Well, a year later and he has completed the first 5 (of 10) 24 page issues of Jonly Nonly. 

There is no reason for this series to exist, it just does. 

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Praise for The Eynes Anthology

“I think it will really appeal to guys, a bit older, because it reminds me of my friends, and all the odd conversations I had” ~ Jay Roach (My Worst Holiday)

“I actually found it entertaining. Yeah not all jokes were all that funny, but I like the way you put in jokes, some serious stuff and the editorial notes too (like with the bear joke). It’s good you put in the dialogue it was a loose narrative. The whole issue just shows how much fun you had making it… for me that is really important to see in any comic, book, film or music.” ~ arjan (beta reader on Twitter)

Issues collected in this book

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Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3


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Issue 4

Issue 4


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Creators available for interview

John Horsley – Creator/writer/artist/editor – Request an interview

Based out of Seattle Washington John has been in the comics scene since 2003. Creator of the Eynes Anthology. Previously he has worked on a plethora of webcomics including y2cl, Sergeant Blinky, Inanimate, and Furry Animal Mayhem to name a few. He is the co host of podcasts Spoiler Country and Haphazard Adventures, and a host on the YouTube show Drinks and Comics with Spoiler Country. He is a devoted husband and loving father to five children.

Casey Allen – Editor- Request an interview

Hailing form the hills of Alabama Casey is a writer and the curator of The Comics Jam. Father of two beautiful girls and husband to a wife that will make you think “Really? She picked him?”. Casey is one of a kind.


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Editorial Team

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John Horsley
Lead & Story Editor

Casey T. Allen
Editor & Production Manager

Joshua Queen


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[email protected]