Chapter Two – The Characters Don’t Like this

6 – A Lesson Learned

Jonly gets on a soap box and tries to be smart in this one. We all learn a valuable lesson by the end of this issue, but what is it? Will it be important? Probably not, but will it be funny? Also probably not but it will certainly be a thing.

Jonly Nonly #6 - A Lesson Learned

Jonly Nonly #7 - Back to School

7 – Back to School

The last issue Calvereena became a professor of something and we got introduced to his classroom. In this issue he takes you back to school so you can learn all the important things your school never taught you!

8 – The Search for Jeffers

Earf kicked Jeffers out of the comic and the gang goes searching for him across the y2cl-verse! They travel to the world of Inanimate and Sergeant Blinky and his Brigade of Fantastic to find him but come up short. Where did he go? will he ever return?

Jonly Nonly #8 - The Search for Jeffers

Jonly Nonly #9 - A Cat's Tail

9 – A Cat’s Tail

How do you cut off a cat’s tail? You lock him in the basement. Don’t get it? You will by the end of the book, just don’t flip to the last page and ruin it for yourself. Also, we meet a new character, K-Dizzle!

10 – Nothing is Sacred

Everything changes in this issue. The gang is fed up with bad writing and crappy art. They reach out into the y2cl-verse to gather recruits from all the realms to take on their creator. Will they succeed?> Will they fail? The outcome of this book will change the Nonly world forever!

Jonly Nonly #10 - Nothing is Sacred