Chapter Three – We should all write our own!

11 – It’s Game Night!

K-Dizzle takes the gang on an epic game night through the most intense round of DnD to ever grace the pages of our book. Featuring amazing art by Calx and JB Panotes. Meet new characters ‘Berto, Dylerino, and Garmy!

Jonly Nonly #11 - It's Game Night!

Jonly Nonly #12 - Time to Relax

12 – Time to Relax

It’s time for a little rest and relaxation as Jeffers goes fishing, Earf, Calvereena, and Jonly play an epic card game, and K-Dizzle fixes the van. Oh, and aliens. Amazing art by the one and only Gabriel Gueveraad!

13 – WDR Battle

The gang goes into the military for the most unorthodox battle you will ever see! Led By Sergeant Blinky and Lt. Awesome-Stance (from Sergeant Blinky and his Brigade of Fantastic) buckle up for a wild ride!

Jonly Nonly #13 - WDR Battle

Jonly Nonly #14 - Haunted Mansion

14 – Haunted Mansion

Calvereena’s done a lot of shady things in his life, but this might be the worst. They group heads into a mansion that is not at all what it seems. to them, but to anyone that’s ever seen a movie it’s obvious that it’s haunted. I mean, it’s in the title of the book!

15 – Jonly’s Soapbox

What’s more exciting than DnD, fishing, crazy military antics, or a haunted mansion? Office politics. Jonly has a knack for the extreme and likes to be a social justice warrior with any trending topic, and this isn’t any different!

16 – The Great Nonly Bake Off!

In this totally not a filler issue to give you some time with new characters issue, ‘Berto teams up with KBT and Dylerino teams up with SMT for an epic bake off that does not in anyway steal any ideas from that English show.