Chapter Four – Carnival of Chaos

17 – The Haunted Halls of Cob’s Carnival and Circus Extravaganza

The group decides to go to a carnival, but it does not go as planned. They meet up with an old fried…or is he a foe? He’s a foe, totally a bad guy.

18 – Cob’s Karnevals-Extravaganz

Earf has been transported back into to a carnival in 1920’s Germany. Bernard and Larry are there and they don’t really like him too much. Will Earf survive? What will he do to get out of this time period?

19 – RPS Von Future

It’s like so far in the future it everything is all cyberpunk and futuristic and stuff. K-Dizzle meets up with the own of the bar Syn’s Wet Whistle and the twin sisters SMT and KBT who have issue with their local tyrant Larry and his henchmen Bernard. Will she help them overthrow his tyrannical rule?

20 – Cobstown Hoe Down

What could a guy who loves booze and women want more than to spend some time in the wild west? Penicillin probably. Calvereena meets up with Blinky and his crew, Syn and her friends, all to talk about the mayor of Cobstown who is trying to capture their souls.

21 – Grunt Grunt Box Man

It’s the time of the caveman and Jonly shows up to try and teach them equality and diversity. Ok, that’s not true, he shows up and tries to figure out why he is there. The inhabitants of the town are not who they firs tapper as, and they have a prisoner that we all know and love.

22 – Trauma in the Backroom

Everyone is back at the carnival with Jeffers to face off against Larry and Bernard in what will turn out to be in the top 10 epic battles the group has ever seen!