Jonly Nonly #2 – It’s the Great Christmas Crossover, Jonly!

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Issue 2 of the Jonly Nonly series. A Christmas special? And a Crossover?!

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What should you do in your second issue of a new comic series? Do a cross over with characters form comics that wont release for a year, and some form comics that will never be release! Hey, no one ever said we did things the right way here. We just do it in some way that gets a book completed. This book is an epic Christmas crossover that has the Jonly characters interacting with Pot and Kettle from Inanimate and Sergeant Blinky and Lt. Awesome-Stance from Sergeant Blinky and his Brigade of Fantastic!

Jonly Nonly #2: It’s the Great Christmas Crossover, Jonly is the second in the series, and the second in Chapter One – Every thing needs an intro, so why not this?

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3 reviews for Jonly Nonly #2 – It’s the Great Christmas Crossover, Jonly!

  1. Jonly Nonly

    This book was not what I expected at all! I did not expect to be transported through space and time and meet up with a murderous rabbit hell bent on universal domination by way of head in jar intimidation! Next time Bernard shows up, remind me to hide!

  2. Jefffers

    Jonly, did you seriously write a review for our own book? That’s not cool man! people are going to think we are padding the rating states for this! Wait, I’m doin git too! Oh no! People, we are not trying to pad anything! This is just…I..I’m out.

  3. Jay Roach

    It’s the second book of the Jonly Nonly release. The format is quite a bit different, as is explained in the first few panels of the book. Instead of a book full of stoner friend’s jokes, you get a full story. Not just any story, but a story filled with crossovers from other comics he’s done.

    I’m not one to give away stories, because if I can read it so can you, but the premise is that Jonly is feeling magnanimous. He has decided to get Calvareena some pot for Christmas.

    That is when the adventure begins.

    This is where he introduces the characters Pot and Kettle (From Inanimate) and Sergeant Blinky, and Lt Awesome-Stance (From Sergeant Blinky and his Brigade of Fantastic). By reading those names only it is quite apparent that Jonly has bought pot before. A few times. These characters have a good go between with each other, so you get the gist of their stories, but not taking up so many panels that the story is rushed, to catch up. There is a nice pacing to it all, to where when it ends, it feels right.

    The art in the book has improved, because it isn’t all drawn, but a lot of photo shopping has been done. Look, I am sure that there is a fancy term for how he created those panels, but that is the best you get from me. The panels stay true to how each character is portrayed in their own book, and the more I saw it, the more i liked it.

    It was a fun story, and the ending was nothing new, but was actually unexpected. I feel the writing in this issue was better than in the first, though still stays true to the “conversation between good friends” style. There is an evolution for sure, and it makes me excited to see where they are going.

    The coloring is full and on point, and the choices made pop. The artwork is…well…it tells the story and is true to the first book as well. When you look at it, you think “well, I can do that”, but the reality is that most could, but don’t.

    A good effort by Mr. Horsley, and I’m curious as to where Book three will take us.

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