Jonly Nonly #1 – Something, Something First Book.

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The first issue of Jonly Nonly, the one that starts it all.

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The first issue in the Jonly Nonly series! Learn about our main cast, Jonly Nonly, Calvereena, and Jeffers! Meet some recurring background characters with Pot, Kettle, Blinky, and Awesome-Stance! Originally a web-comic from 2008, this has been reformatted into a comic book and completely updated! Featuring guest appearances from Inanimate and Sergeant Blinky and his Brigade of Fantastic!

Jonly Nonly #1: Something, Something First Book is the first in the series, and the first in Chapter One – Every thing needs an intro, so why not this?

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3 reviews for Jonly Nonly #1 – Something, Something First Book.

  1. Jay Roach

    I have had the pleasure of reading ‘Jonly Nonly’ many times, in a few different versions, and the title of this review is the only life-changing thing you will ever get from the book.

    That being said, the first time I read it, I just didn’t get it. Once you read it you’ll think that I am an idiot for saying that. You are half right. I am an idiot. Way before I read this.

    If you want a book that looks like it was drawn by George Perez, written by Alan Moore, and colored by Jordie Bellaire (google her, you are welcome), well, this is not be the book for you. If you don’t want a book drawn by George Lopez, written by Alan Ruck, and colored by your niece Jordie…well, keep reading.

    Seriously though, once you get past the art; the story and jokes give you great insight into how the mind of a 20-year-old male and his friends function. The book could be used for scientific research. Guys can read it, get all nostalgic, and call their high school/college buddies that they haven’t seen in a bit and talk about the good ol’ days when your testosterone was off the charts, and your waistline wasn’t a concern.

    Before you think it is just for guys, there is some entertainment value for the ladies. You can be ashamed that you chased after guys just like them, some of you actually married them, and yet 90% of them have evolved into hardworking, talented, ruggedly handsome men like the creator. The other 10%, living in their moms’ basements, reviewing comic books and playing D&D.

    I’m not a fan of the art. But the stories, the jokes, and the atmosphere created are top-notch in the sense it brought me back to a happier time. Everyone has one friend with the worst jokes ever. Every group had the guy who was the ringleader, maybe not the smartest but has the best ideas.

    My biggest complaint is the apologies right away. I’ll admit, there are a few cringey jokes. Maybe a few questionable decisions, but there is absolutely nothing to apologize for.

    It’s a fun read. You learn a new word, you laugh at some 20-year-old jokes, and you think about some friends you might not have thought about in a bit.

  2. Katie Lindor

    I read this and it changed my life. Ok, not really. It’s an insane ADHD nightmare of a comic that doesn’t know how to complete a story.

    It is funny, and as that last person said you will learn something. Solid 7.5/10 on the “you should read this” scale.

  3. Kenric

    “Jonly Nonly” is a hilarious and irreverent comic book title that embraces the spirit of “Trailer Park Boys.” The series delivers a wild ride filled with over-the-top antics, absurd humor, and unforgettable characters. From the start, the comic captures the essence of the classic moronic comedies we all love. Jonly Nonly, the protagonist, embodies the essence of “moronic” humor, constantly finding himself in ludicrous situations that push the boundaries of absurdity. The art style perfectly complements the tone of the story, with vibrant colors and exaggerated character designs that enhance the comedic elements. The panels burst with slapstick moments, slapdash schemes, and nonsensical dialogs that will leave readers in stitches.

    Whether it’s harebrained get-rich-quick schemes or nonsensical confrontations, Jonly Nonly never fails to entertain with its unapologetically moronic charm. As with any comedy, tastes may vary, and not everyone may appreciate the absurdity of “Jonly Nonly.” However, if you’re a fan of “Trailer Park Boys” and love humor that embraces the ludicrous and the absurd, this comic book title will undoubtedly provide a laugh-out-loud experience you won’t soon forget. It’s a must-read for anyone seeking a dose of hilarity and escapism in the style of the iconic TV show.

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