Eynes Anthology Book One Soundtrack


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Each story in The Eynes Anthology has a song that is linked to it. Here is your chance to own the digital release of The Eynes Anthology Book One Soundtrack!

Track listing:

  1. Some Days – Eynes ThemeJoey Edsal (Lurid Synth) – The Horde (with drums)
  2. The Sallow HeartThe Sky Giants – Iota
  3. The Crossed Paths – Ardus – Burden
  4. The Black HandThe Sky Giants – Rhyme And The Flame
  5. Camelot’s GiftTJ Troy – Song From
  6. The Wanderer – Damn The Cow -The Scary Song
  7. Nate ErsatzJoey Edsal (Lurid Synth) – Scrybaby
  8. Nancy EynesJoey Edsal (Lurid Synth) – lost soulmate final mix2
  9. Something BorrowedOutliar – Blood Covered and Beaten
  10. The Story Between – Damn The Cow – A Friend in Need is a Friend Who Will Sink You Like A Stone (Live! At OX Rocks!)

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