Jonly Nonly #4 – Story Time with Jonly available for pre-order!

Jeepers creepers Jonly Nonly keepers! Issue four of our favorite series staring people with ridiculous names is available to pre-order today! What’s this one about? Well on the inside over I give you a lot of detail about it. What? You want me to copy past that detail here?


Original this book was a 24 hour comics day thing I did, and I even printed it and sold it at shows. This book is not that, it has the bones of that but it has been completely re-done to make it better.

Is it actually better? It has a rap battle. It has robots and army men. A son reunited with his long lost father. And absolutely no fishing, so yeah I’d say it’s better.

Could the book you hold in your hand be the greatest Jonly Nonly book ever printed? Man I just hope not, other wise the next six or so are gonna be complete crap. Please don’t think these are all crap! I put a lot of work into these. I know it’s vhard to tell and never re-drawing a character since inception makes me look like a hack, and hell maybe I am. These books have a lot of love in them! It’s homo erotic love, but love none the less!

J Horsley III – inside cover to Jonly Nonly #4 – Story Time with Jonly

There you go! Did we learn something? Do you want to read it now? yeah? let’s do it!

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