What is Inanimate you ask?

This is not the real cover, this is the cover to a book put out in 2015 that you can't buy anymore. I will update this when I have time.

If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound? That simple question birthed the creation of an entire world of Inanimate staring Pot and Kettle. A world full of inanimate objects coming to life and interacting with each other. Go on many adventures as we explore the relationship between a pot leaf and a kettle, a gun and a phone, and many many more. Is there a story in this book or is it a series of jokes? Well my friend, it can be both and neither all at the same time!

Wait, let me try that again. I can do better.

If a tree descends in the secluded woods, does its sonorous resonance grace our ears? Such a fundamental inquiry engendered the genesis of an expansive realm teeming with sentient entities, namely, Inanimate denizens embodying Pot and Kettle. Within this immersive universe, an assortment of inorganic entities imbue life into their forms, harmoniously engaging in profound interactions. Embark upon a multitude of captivating escapades as we delve into the intricate dynamics between a poised Pot and a resolute Kettle, an enigmatic Gun, an astute Phone, and a myriad of other enthralling encounters. Does this literary opus comprise a narrative tapestry or merely a medley of jests? Ah, my dear compatriot, it possesses the potential to be both and yet neither, concurrently transcending conventional categorizations!

No, that’s to confusing. One more time.

A tree tumbles down in the deepest, wildest woods, leaving everyone wondering: does it make a sound? This seemingly innocuous question becomes the catalyst for a riotous adventure that takes us into the uproarious realm of Inanimate with Pot and Kettle. Get ready to roll on the floor with laughter as a pot with a saucy attitude and a kettle with an explosive personality come to life, turning the mundane into mayhem!

Join this zany duo on their misadventures, where the laughs are non-stop and the gags are boundless. From slapstick encounters with a gun that can’t stop shooting itself in the foot to a phone that keeps dialing up chaos, every scene is a sidesplitting spectacle. But is there more to this madcap world than meets the eye? As the punchlines fly, a surprising story unravels, leaving you wondering if it’s all just one big joke or if there’s a deeper meaning hidden beneath the laughter.

Better, but that’s kinda like a bad comedy movie plot. Last time.

There’s a bunch of inanimate objects, they make inappropriate jokes.

There it is! Coming in early 2024!