Advertise in my books!

Are you looking to promote your comic book, band, OnlyFans, mortuary, or other small business to a passionate and engaged audience?

Look no further than in the comic books that I create!

  • Want to place just a regular ad in the book? I can do that.
  • Want to do some of that sweet sweet product placement into the story? I can also do that!

My books get a small print run (~1000) and get sold all over the Pacific Northwest in shops and at conventions. They are also available online at various digital retailers.

Print only and digital only options available.

So what are you waiting for?

Use the form below and reach out so I can sell your shit in my comics!

WAIT! You didn’t tell us how much this will cost us!

Oh yeah, I forgot. Thanks for reminding me. Use the fancy info-graphic below to see what this will cost you! Or reach out for a better quote based on your needs!

Limited advertising opportunities

Now available in these upcoming releases:

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