Zombie 2 Christ

z2c started with zombie 2 christ (the 300th y2cl comic) and was supposed to only run for 100 comics and end with y2cl#400. As you can tell that did not happen.

In z2c zombies have invaded a small Washington town. These are not your fathers zombies. These zombies are often intelligent, cunning and sometimes just want to hang out and play some video games. There are gay zombies, punk zombies and even celebrity zombies.

In the story the zombies all stem from Chris Hansen sleeping with Crazy Mo Fo Nelly 400 years in the past when he was betrothed to current flaming-skeletal-demon former hot-as-the-sun-princess Cindy thus causing Cindy to sign a deal with the devil forcing Chris Hansen to live for all eternity only able to make due on the filth of others. This explains his ‘To Catch a Predator’ series and the zombies. Think about it.

Confused by that? Don’t worry. It’s all just a clever way for me to be able to use zombies in my comic. And don’t worry, it doesn’t look like they are going ANYWHERE anytime soon. The zombies took on a life of their own and are now a staple part of y2cl.

Below is a list of all the z2c comics that have posted on the site!