About Jonly Nonly

Jonly Nonly…A comic that started as a stupid joke my wife told me. I can’t remember if she drew out the characters on her own of if I asked her to, but it all started here. She drew it, I colored it and the rest is history. I had her draw “new” updated versions that I then did up in Illustrator, starting with this one.

Here is the ultra secret hidden back story for “Jonly Nonly”

A long time ago, my Grandrather was getting a credit card and they asked him to spell out his name. Seeing as his name (just as mine, my dads and my youngest sons) is only J N he said “It’s J only N only” then spelled the last name out. When he got the card it said “Jonly Nonly” on it and the rest, as they say, is lies in the dust bowl.

Jonly Nonly is by far one of my favorite comics to work on. It’s just so simple and stupid. It features some of my friends and their “persona” in the Jonly Nonly world.

JN is Jonly Nonly.

Jeff is Jeffers.

Calvin is Calvereena.

Nick is Earf.