About Paige

Paige is an interesting concept. It comes out of a story I started writing in high school about a character named ‘Bob Torque’. (Inside scoop, I named him Torque because I just learned what that word meant in Physics class and wanted to sound “smart”).

I wrote several stories about Bob in High School and college (that will eventually be re-worked into future comics) but eventually in 2004 decided that I wanted to tell a story where he was a main secondary character.

This is what Paige is.

Paige is a concept of thought. It is an idea and a challenge to myself.

The concept is I tell you a mystery noir story in 12 four page chapters. The interesting part of the story is each four page chapter is drawn by a different artist. The even more interesting part is that each artist only gets to read the script for their chapter and the character descriptions sheet I provide them.

Paige launches in July 2026!

Here are the artists that are working on this project with me.

Chapter 1: Kristene Onyskow

Chapter 2: Kristi Harris

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4: Sal Otero

Chapter 5: Rick Bugbee

Chapter 6: Byron Wilkins