About Inanimate

What is Inanimate? Well, the best way to describe it is “It’s like a toaster talking, only funny.

Originally it started as a joke about a tree. I’ve always been a GIANT fan of The Elderly Apple and was always in awe of his ability to do an “idea a day” and just the pure absurdity of it all. I did a guest comic for him (seen here and here) which inspired me to create Inanimate. A daily photo comic with objects that are not alive.

The first Inanimate comics I ever did was “A Tree Falls“, which subsequently became the 10th Inanimate posted because I did a bunch of Holiday ones in 2008 prior to the initial launch in 2009. I did launch in daily in January, then relaunched in in April as a twice a week comics because I couldn’t do the daily thing for with the other comics I was doing at the time.

That first night I was in an IRC room with Joe Garcia of For The Reels and created the first 30 strips. Sending each one to him to see if he would laugh at them. Over the first year Inanimate slowly became one of the more popular comics on y2cl.net.

The original idea was to post 6 comics a week and every Saturday would be a “Guest Comic” by someone. Obviously this didn’t work out. I did get some great Guest Comics though.