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What started as a name for an online store between JN and Nick to sell video games (original meaning was “Advanced Video Game Services“) then turned into an alias for online websites for JN. During it’s time as an alias the meaning was re-defined by a user on GameTZ to be “A Very Good Slut”.

Move forward to when all the random comics that muddied up the y2cl story line needed to be moved to something new, AVGS was re-defined again to be “A Very Good Segue”. A completely random phrase with no real meaning to house all the comics that have no other place to live.

AVGS birthed several other comics:

So pick a sub comic, take a read, leave a comment and buy a book! I promise there is something here you will laugh at.

There is some NSFW material here, so read with caution if you are easily offended.