y2clRadio Episode 3 – Inktober, 24 Hour Comics Day and a lot more!

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It’s October 1st and you know what that means! It’s INKTOBER and 24 HOUR COMICS DAY!

Tonight we talk about these events, Johns participation in both. We also spend a lot of time talking about the history of Batman’s Robins, our thoughts on Harley Quinn and some plans for this month and Halloween.

John also announces he will be in Artist Alley at Jet City Comic Show on November 5th and 6th in Tacoma, WA. If you are in the area come say hello!

The song in the intro is “Our Song” sung by our 8 year old daughter.

Links to some of the stuff talked about on this episode:

On the show:

Links talked about in the show:

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Pictures from tonights recording:

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