TH3 Heads to Rose City Comic Con 2018 in Portland!

Everyone knows we love our events! Conventions, concerts, whatever! Ok, it’s John, he loves to go to everything and record to make an episode. Why? Well, he likes to catalog whats going on and always has something to say, at least he thinks he does. He also writes these descriptions so is currently talking in the third person. 

Take a listen, it’s pretty awesome. Yes, we got hella frustrated with the kids, and this was the nightmare event we talked about with Kenric on the 50th episode QnA episode. I think we tried to play it off like “oh no it was great” but really, never doing that again!

On the show tonight:

  • John
  • Kaylie
  • Kodi
  • Jakob
  • Saidey
  • Tegan
  • Jack

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Upcoming shows we will be at!

  • July 17-21 – San Diego Comic Con

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