It’s a Hard Moon Rising with Peter Vine and Rose Loughran!

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Tonight we dip back into an old episode from June 13th 2009 where Kaylie and I met with Peter Vine who joined us all the way from England and Rose Loughran from Scotland! We talk comices, music, nipples and more! Stay around to the very end for a special treat with our favorite Aussie, Deth Invictus!

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Original Show Notes:

The music you hear in this episode (except I cut out the Manic Street Preachers songs, but do check them out):

(intro) Damn The Cow – Replenish the Government
Manic Street PreachersBeen a Son (Nirvana Cover)
Manic Street PreachersMethadone Pretty
Manic Street PreachersRaindrops keep falling on my Head (cover)


On the show tonight:

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