Episode 32: John gets his nipples pierced!

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We go back in time to 2009 to when John lost a bet and had to pierce his nipples! What? You want to see the video? Ok, fine, here it is!


The music you hear:
Intro: Damn the Cow – The Amazing Adventures of Schmecky Bonkers from the ‘Better Than Sex! LIVE!’ Album.
Ardus – Second
Ardus – Turning
Ardus – 12:03
Ardus – No on Ever Sees

Ardus is one of my old bands, enjoy them! There are a few CDs I have of them, if you want one email me.

Original Show Notes:

We failed to talk about One Zumi, go here to read more on her story. I will bring this up as a topic on the next show!

Also, eben07 released their first book! check it out here!

(opening over DTC song)
(Jillian bump)

Y2cl Radio Episode 8 is brought to you by Silver City Tattoo. Tonights special guest is John. Why is John the spcial guest on the show? Because John went through with it and got his nip nips pierced today.

(talk about what happened)

Topics for tonight.

Jackies freaking sub people:

E-mail from ‘Tom Tom’
“Hello my name is Tom Tom and I am in NOT SAYING near you and just wanted to say hi and that I hope your Monday is going well thus far 🙂 Also I am submissive so if you would ever like a sub to just be your servant to do chores or cleaning I would love to :-)”

Jacks’ repsonce:
“Well that would be awesome. You can clean my room any day of the week. Thanks!”

“Tom Tom’s responce”

“Hi Jackie this is sub/slave Tom Tom and I am sorry if my email came across wrong and you are over 18 correct? and I will gladly clean your room. I just thought you sounded really great and wanted to say hello. I have served people in the past and found it to be fulfilling. I would never expect anything so if you ever would like to have a sub to even just buy gifts as tributes or to do chores, cleaning or errands I would be happy to. I am also fine with doing so in front of your friends or boyfriends. I am not bi but I have been a part time slave to couples in that way as their bitch and have no problem doing so for you if you would ever want me to 🙂

We are not that far away and it would be nice to have people to serve again on a part time basis that are close by. I can even just go drive out to the store or drive thru even for you on nights like tonight if you want something and I would have no probably buying what you wanted. I am not rich but happy to do what I can and I also added two clips to give you an idea that I am fine with serving this way in front of your boyfriends or others because I know a lot of times women like to have subs but like it more when the sub is submissive to them and their boyfriends or girlfriends.”


On the show tonight:

  • John
  • Kaylie
  • Jackie 
  • Producer Kam
  • Anna the Half-Hawaiin Cousin

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