Episode 30: Star Wars The Last Jedi Review with Nick! 1

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I know I talked The Last Jedi over on Spoiler Country, but I really wanted to talk this over with my good friend Nick, who is also the inspiration for the character Earf in my Jonly Nonly comics!

This is a good one, take a listen and hear how great it is!

Also, Nick is a real estate agent in the Kitsap area in Washington State, just outside of Seattle. If you are looking to buy or sell your house give him a call and he can help! I used him to sell my last house and I’m using him to buy my next one! Even if you are outside the Kitsap area, reach out to him and he can help you get set up with someone in your area that is amazing!

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One thought on “Episode 30: Star Wars The Last Jedi Review with Nick!

  • Liminalsoup

    I’m not going to point out plot-holes. Given the problems with the past 5 star wars films, it just doesn’t seem like something that even matters anymore. This film had a pretty enjoyable overall story, I liked the character developments a lot –especially Luke. I was glad he had extensive screen time and that they slowed down from the action to take the time to develop his character. After so many shitty Star Wars movies (5 in a row), it was a joy to see Mark Hamill on the screen again playing his iconic, archetypal character. I also liked what was done with Rey and Kylo, and I liked the introduction of the idea that force balances out so that if there is someone insanely powerful on the darkside, the force will bring someone else out of the woodwork for the lightside. It was a “new” but its fit and also works as a decent plot device by ensuring heros will always have villains.

    My biggest complaint is going to sound like a nitpick but it’s not. The biggest problem with the film is hyperspace ships being able to destroy spaceships by crashing into them. I’m not going to debate the physics of whether or not that should be possible or not, I’m merely going to show that as a plot device it ruins star wars space combat forever. Crashing the Calamari ship into the Dreadnaught was only not predictable because we previously thought spaceships couldn’t crash into other ships at lightspeed. Now that we know they can, we’re going to wonder why they don’t do that more often. And keep in mind, all spaceships in Star wars have hyperspace. Freighters have them. X-wings, which were out-dated technology being used by the desperate rebels in the original trilogies, had them. So all ships can do hyperspace. And now it can be used to destroyed big ships to great effect. So why isn’t it used during every space battle? Look at the opening space battle that so many people are raving about. They lost a dozen ships trying to bring in some impossibly slow space bombers, when we now know they could have destroyed the dreadnaught with only one little hysperspace jump. So that scene that everyone loved, actually makes no sense.

    And no space battle will ever make sense again. We will always be saying to ourselves “why not pilot the ships with droids and put them into hyperspace dumbass?”. You may as well just cut and paste that into every Star Wars review for every film that will ever come out from now until forever. They screwed themselves. Space dogfights were the bread and butter of Star Wars, they were one of the few things that even the shitty Star Wars films didn’t screw up. And now they are screwed up.

    Other criticisms of The Last Jedi:

    The world building was terrible. One of the BEST things about the original trilogy was the universe it created. But starting with Force Awakens we are thrown into a universe that makes no sense. Last we knew, the Empire was destroyed, the Rebellion won. Yet now (and it is never explained) The Republic has no power and only a very small army, while the “First Order” seems ridiculously powerful. Why? It makes no sense and the filmmakers know it makes no sense so they don’t even try to explain it. So the First Order’s huge weapon that they must’;ve put all their money and resources into gets destroyed. Surely they are done. But no. What can only be weeks or months later, now in The Last Jedi we have an even weaker “resistance” (they start calling themselves the “rebellion” half way through the movie) and a dominant First Order again. What? Why? Did I miss something?

    Physics – Starwars has never been known for having “realistic” space physics. But Last Jedi takes the low bar a few notches down. A film should at least be internally consistent with its rules of physics. Is there sound in space? Yes… except for really big explosions, then they are silent. Is there gravity in space? No when its Leia doing a space walk, but yes when bombs and other items need to fall inside the hanger of a bomber. Can you breathe in space? Yupe. (This at least was consistent for both the bomber scene and the Leia spacewalk). Look forward to the next star wars film where people can float around in space with no spacesuits shooting lasers beams from their finger tips at each other. That is basically the universe this film created for us.

    The Force – This was a slipperly slope that started with The Force Awakens and then gains speed in The Last Jedi. The original trilogy handled the force so perfectly. It was powerful, but also difficult to learn and master. Luke had trouble just getting a lightsaber out of the snow. Now what the force can do and who can use it has been dramatically expanded. It’s basically Harry Potter levels of “Space Magic” now. There don’t appear to be any limits. Except the writers imagination. If they want to have a character snap his finghers and make a fire breathing dragon appear, it wouldn’t surprise me anym0ore. The Force is just unrestrained unlimited pure magic.

    Jedis/Sith are nothing special, lots of people use the force. Again this was started in TFA by having untrained Rey be a ridiculously powerful force user, as well as Snoke, who didn’t appear to come from a “sith” tradition. Then in Rogue One we had a warrior monk who uses the force a lot – but he’s not a Jedi. He’s just a believer in the force who uses its power to fight (and even shoot arrows while being blind). From now on, everyone who uses the force will no longer be called Jedis. Going by the “Laser Sword” terminology, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just start calling them “Force Magicians”.

    Tactics – In war movies, the tactics and strategies used to fight the battles can really make the film shine. In TLJ the tactics shown were pretty poorly thought-out. The plan to slowly try to get to a rebel base while being pursued in slow motions was dumb. The trench warfare tactics used on the salt planet were dumb. Etc. I’m not going to dwell on it, but the director clearly doesn’t have much insight into battle strategy. It would have been 10x better, instead of a slow motion chase scene for 1/3 of the movie, to have the rebels in a pitched space battle, trying all sorts of tactics, and fighting tooth and nail. But whatever.

    I basically enjoyed the Last Jedi. As Kevin Smith pointed out, the film does keep you guessing and isn’t predictable unlike TFA which was terrified of doing anything new or different. That was indeed enjoyable for me. The humour was a bit over the top at times, and the film definitely doesn’t take itself seriously. It’s a fun braindead romp about space magicians in a fantasy universe.