Episode 28: Jillian Lueke talks Twilight and Hollywood Dirt (2009)

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Tonight I bring you an episode from 2009 that has parts in it that are oddly topical right now. With all the crazy sexual harassment allegations out there on all these powerful men in Hollywood and politics, back in 2009 we talked about how it’s a dirty part of the industry with Jillian Lueke. It’s strange how things come around like that all the time! I know your first through is “This is from 2009! Why should I listen!” and your second thought is “This is about Twilight? What the hell?” But trust me, it’s a lot of fun and worth giving a listen!

Next week I have a NEW episode for you! I promise!

Original Show Notes:

Be sure to check out The Bella Cullen Project on myspace and pick up their CD if you enjoyed their music!

Jillian has appeared on Criminal Minds, Dexter (scene cut), The Closer and other independent films.

Our show notes:

(Jillian’s Interview)

Today John, Kam and I went to the University of Washington Quad for a music video shoot for the Bella Cullen Project’s new song “Saftey First”.

And speaking of this video shoot, the part of Bella was played by Jillian Lueke. We will be speaking with her a little later tonight.

Some Topics for Jillian.
-Kaylie and I where the ‘kissing couple’ in the video, that Jillian had to knock out of the way.
-Guy with prostitute.
-Edwards nipple (him not wanting to be photographed.)
-The little girl swooning over Edwars taking his shirt off.
-Talk about production, how she got the part.
-BCP NOT there.
-Talk about Mock Turtle Productions


On the show tonight:

  • John
  • Kaylie
  • Ryan Hudson
  • Jillian Lueke
  • Producer Kam

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Here is the music video, to see us skip ahead to the 4 minute mark!

Photos from the music video shoot and the night we recorded!

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