Episode 21: An Apple of Elderly and and Aussie QnA

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Since Kaylie is still gone, I decided to re-cut and old episode for you to listen to again! Someday I wont have any old episodes to re-cut, but until then you can enjoy these! 

I know, these are not as good as our new stuff, but we will have plenty of new audio for you and possibly some video after San Diego Comic Con!

On the show tonight:

Producer Kam
Ryan Hudson from Channel ATE
Jackie the Beast
Andrew Schnorr from Elderly Apple
Deth Invictus all the way from Adelaide, Australia!

Tonights spotlight band is the Schoolyard Heroes!

a local band to us from Seattle, Washington. Before we took them out, here are the songs we played for you to listen too!
-Boyfriend – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXGk5xdJC5w
-Attack of the Puppet People – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFpv1B_zhW8
-All you can Eat Cancer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clfnWd0evyc

The music behind the intro is Damn The Cow’s “Calvin’s Psychedelic” from their Songs to Castrate by album.

Tonights spotlight comic is Elderly Apple!

Get Andrews book “The Tapping Wand” here – http://amzn.to/2untChR

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Here is a collection of pictures from tonights show, including a sample of Elderly Apple

And here is the transcript from our notes we made hastily before the show started!

(opening over something awesome)

Welcome to y2cl radio episode 5! Fuckin’ eh we made it 5 episodes in! Here’s to another 5!

On the show tonight is myself, Kaylie, Produce Kam and coming back for another visit, fresh with a brand spanking new headset…Jackie!

Topics for tonight? Yes we got them! Let’s run it on down!

– The Air Force! Unlike the previous episode, we WILL talk about it tonight!
– Bannanas vs Cucumbers?
– Why Everyone at Jacks work thought she got fired today.
– men shaving vs women shaving
– what is beauty?
– spotlight band tonight? It’s the Schoolyard Heroes! and our spotlight comic is Elderly Apple!

Speaking of Elderly Apple, one half of the creative team, Andrew Schnorr, joins us tonight! Say Hi Andrew! We will be talking to him a little later about the joyness that IS Elderly Apple!

That was ‘Boyfriend’ from Washington native band Schoolyard Heroes off their Funeral Sciences record.

Alright Andrew, tells us about Elderly Apple.

-How long have been at it?
-the 500th cake comic?
-what are you doing for 1000 comics?
-is their a point?
-Whats The Elderly Apple Guy up to tonight? why isn’t he on this interview?

(next topic of The Air Force)

As you know John is planning to go in the Air Force. We thought it would be fun and informative for us to talk a little pros/cons of doing this.

solid pay
money for college
life long lessons
military discounts
good home loans

away from family
family not able to follow
can I phsyically handle it?
long hours
impact on y2cl
kids growing up without me

Q&A: (with Deth Invictus)

Q: What’s your favorite farm animal? why?

Q: What piercings would you never get?

Q: What is the best aspect of the town you life in?

Q: Should people bring their pets into stores?

Q: Fairwether friends? Why do we keep them?

Q: How did you get started?

Q: How serious are you with your comic?

Q: Where does your inspiration come from?

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