Episode 20: A Day in the Life of Kamren (from 2009)

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Tonight I present you a remix of our original show episode 4! Why Well, Kaylie is gone so I may re-edit a few of these just to get them up there for everyone so when she get’s back we focus on NEW content! I hope to eventually have all these episodes re-cut for you to relive with me! IT’s always good to cringe together! 

Original Show Notes:

John and Kaylie enter a P90X challenge! Who will win? which ever one gets in the best shape WINS!

We talk to Producer Kam about the trials and tribulations of being a 15 in 13 day year old boy. Hopefully his mom never listens to this or he might get in a lot of trouble.

Here are some pictures from the recoding session and from us playing EA Active! Both of us in my underwear.

We spend some time talking about Channel ATE and Ryan‘s upcoming new episode of Greg is a Garden Gnome.

There are no notes for this show, since it was simply done on the spot!

The ‘music’ on tonight’s show is stuff that myself and Jeff Jensen recorded back in the mid to late 1990’s, when we where in junior high/high school. It’s crap, but I think it fits the episode.


On the show tonight:

Producer Kam
Ryan Hudson from Channel ATE

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