Episode 16 – Parenting, Nipples and Q&A with Ryan Hudson and Kurt Sasso!

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We are working on making you some new awesome episodes! While you wait, here is a re-edit update of an episode from 2009 where we did a round table with Ryan from ChannelAte and Kurt from TGTmedia. We actually talk about some serious (kinda) stuff. 


I did cut out about 15 to 20 minutes of talk between Ryan, Kurt, and I discuss webcomics and ad revenue. It got a bit interesting, but I felt it was a little out of place within this episode. If you for some reason you do want to hear that, let me know and I’ll make a mini episode out of it in case you are interested in how we handle ad revenue on our sites in 2009. 

We talk about the “Safety First” music video we were in from the Bella Cullen Project at the end of this episode. Well, here it is! Check us out at the 4 minute mark!



On the show tonight:

Jackie The Beast
Producer Kam
Ryan Hudson from Channel ATE
Kurt Sasso from TGT Web-Comics

Topics discussed:

Our Awesome cover of The Moldy Peaches ‘Anyone Else But You’.
Nipple Piercing
Should parents pierce young boy’s ears? (the first SERIOUS topic on y2cl radio!)
Round Table Q&A

Comics Discussed:

1977 The Comic
Astray 3
Devil’s Panties
The Drunken Fools
Heroes, Inc
Johnny Saturn
Least I Could Do
Marsh Rocket
Menagea 3
Mysteries of Arcana
Oy Comics
Phineus Magician for Hire
Rival Angels
Smiley Face Commandos
Trying Human
Union of Heroes

Photos from the original show!

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