Plans Derailed

Plans Derailed

Uh oh! I don’t think THIS WAS In NJ and Gangsta’s plans when they set out to track down MLKjr and Wilt! This does not look like it will end well for them! Then again, their are children of god, they could prevail!

So how did you like my super special ‘Ides of March’ strip yesterday? Wasn’t it fantastic? As I write this one (March 3rd, gotta ove future posting!) I have yet to completed ‘The Ides of March’ comic, but I have plans to! So heres to hoping I actual DID complete it and your not reading some bullshit.

Also, tomorrow is St Patties Day, and yes there will be a comic for that. But I GUARANTEE that it will be shitty. In fact, I guarantee that it will be LAME as well. Then again, it’s stars Garret, so lameness is inevitable.

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