Whats In A Name

Can you say FILLER STRIP? Cause I sure can!

Seriously though, why is my name so hard to understand? It’s just a letter people, drop it!

Strip 367 – What’s in a Name?
Live Action
Characters: JN, Jeff
Setting: whitness
Panel 1: Jeff posing, JN looking at him confused
Jeff: So I’ve been thinking JN
JN: What?
Jeff: What does JN stand for? It has to mean something!
JN: Nope, it’s just letters. Honest
Panel 2: new pose for Jeff
Jeff: Jamica Nmecrazy
Jeff: Jabbedinthe Nuts
Jeff: Jewlikeit No
Jeff: Jewwishiwasfun Nee
Jeff: Johnny Napplsead
Jeff: Jackie Nchan
Panel 3: new pose
Jeff: Jack N’off
Jeff: Job? No.
Jeff: Jesus, Not!
Jeff: Jew Nose
Jeff: Jarjarbi Nks
Jeff: Jack Nicklaus
Panel 4: Jeff looking at the camera, JN looking at Jeff
JN: Why are you posing?
Jeff: for the ladies that read y2cl!
‘Let’s be honest, the ladies don’t read y2cl!’

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