ZJ Photoblog 1 NYC

ZJ Photoblog 1 NYC

And here is the start of a Super Special Tuesday updates of ZJ’s Photoblog! Follow Joel and Zombie Jesus on their adventure across America and beyond through Joel’s photoblog! First stop? New York City!

These will run every Tuesday for at least the rest of the year and probably beyond! Thus making y2cl a 5 times a week comic! Holy crap!

Strip 366 – ZJ’s Photoblog#1 – NYC!
Characters: Joel, Jesus
Setting: A weblog
Panel 1: the photoblog with a picture of Times Square, Jesus Chomping on some poor girls head. (photo my J Horsley III)
Joel (in blog): After Zombie Jesus burst through the wall of a wedding I was shooting in up-state New York and hired me as his photogloggist to keep a record of his movements and actions for what will inevitable become the next bible and a whole headed down to NYC to Check out Times Square. ZJ informed that he had never been! Can you imagine that? As you can tell from this photograph, ZJ got a little hungry and little miss teal hat was on his menu for the day!
Now being a man I really wish that if he was going to eat her brains and convert her to the zombie forces that he would have, you know…let me…you know….is that wrong? She was going to die anyway, why not give her one last hu-ra of the Joel Machine?….(read more?)
‘In real live Joel actually is a photographer. check www. hartzphotographic. com, he’s REALLY good’

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