Church Of Awesome

Church Of Awesome

A new comer to the y2cl workd Steve A. Smith comes out or the dugout throwing fastball’s of fire and hits you with a Zombie Jesus strip that brings in our favorite Aqua loving photographer, JN’s cousin Joel into the z2c mix! What lies in store for Joel? For Zombie Jesus? What other aweosmeness does Steve A Smith, one time freelancer and current Playboy Magazine staff writer, have in store for us?

Come back wednesday and you will see Steve’s next strip. Friday…not sure what that will be.

In other news, check out which will launch on Sept. 1st!

Strip 338 – The Church of Awesomeness
written: Steve A Smith
Characters: Zombie Jesus, Joel
Setting: Church wedding
Panel 1: Outside of a church wedding
Preacher: I know pronounce you husband and wife.
Panel 2: inside church, preacher finishing up ceremony of wedding. Joel taking photographs
Preacher: You may now kiss…
Joel: This is a great shot!
Panel 3: extension of panel 2, Zombie Jesus breaking through the wall
Zombie Jesus: My ass! (in Arabic)
Zombie Jesus: Jesus is in the house and now the body of Christ eats you! (in Arabic)
Panel 4: Joel’s face confused
Joel: GAH! Zombie Jesus!I knew I should have went with Allah!
‘Yes, the reference photos I used where from my wedding. In the original photo there are 4 y2cl real life cast members. Can you guess which ones?

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