Zombie Jesus

Zombie Jesus

Holy crap look at that artwork! This week you will see the best 3 pages of artwork y2cl has ever seen!Mr Rick Bugbee (who drew a short story I wrote title ‘Some Days’ that is still in production as well as a chapter in the much anticipated ‘Paige’ graphic novel) took on the duties of Jesus becoming a Zombie, and boy did he deliver!

It’s seeing pages like this that make me want to hang up my hat and call in a day.

Strip 330 – z2c Zombie Jesus
Artwork: Rick Bugbee Written: jhorsley3/Jon Anderson
Characters: Jesus
Setting: A cave in Israel
Panel One: outside of a cave
Over-Text: ‘A cave in Isreal’
Panel Two: Jesus walking out of cave
Jesus: ‘What? How am I back here?’
Panel Three: Jesus grabbing his chest in pain
Jesus: ‘AARGH!’
Panel Four: Jesus howling to the moon in zombie transformation
Jesus: ‘AAHHHH!’
Panel Five: Close up of Jesus’ eye completed the Zombie transformation
Panel Six: Jesus reaching towards camera, as a Zombie
Zombie Jesus: ‘Brains bitch!’ (in Arabic)
‘Jesus is back…again…wouldn’t that have already made him a member of the undead? The O.G. Zombie? Does this make him an Uber zombie?’

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