Gordy Leaves for the Labyrinth

Gordy Leaves for the Labyrinth

And with this strip Gordy will leave y2cl and join the cast of Minos the Minotaur over at www.minos.dumbbum.net.

Check out his adventures there! I’m sure they will also post here, but you never know if he will sneak into a strip with Minos and not here!

Strip 327 – Gordy Leaves for the Labyrinth
Characters: Gordy
Setting: outside the Minos Lanyrinth
Panel One: Gordy talking
Gordy: ‘So I was thinking to my self. Then I says to myself, I says “Self, it’s time we move on from this place. We needs ourselves some greener pastures.’
Gordy: ‘I heard of this place that you can get lost in it’s beauty for days! Where they sell the most amazing shit at bargain prices! Where magical creatures roam wild and I can be at peace with myself and the world!’
Panel Two: Gordy in silhouette with the Minos labyrinth in the background
Gordy: ‘It’s like a post card and I will love it’
‘So here it is folks, Gordy is leaving the cast of y2cl. He is going to join everyone’s favorite Hetero/Homo Minotaur over at minos.dumbbum.net. What antics will Gordy get involved with when Minos is around? Stay tuned to find out!’

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