This was suppose to be a series of Flash sequences, but due to time constraints and excessive masturbation I had to settle for doing it this way.

And thus Page 10 has helped me understand why personal manipulation of one’s genitals an be viewed as a sin.

You get shit done chasing orgasms.

Strip 326 – z2c Fade
Artwork: Jon Anderson
Characters: Jim, Marissa, Milo, Karen
Setting: Hallway
Panel 1: Jim walking away
Panel 2: camera get;s closer to Jim
Panel 3: Jim’s face close up
Panel 4: Marissa’s teeth
Panel 5: Marissa’s face
Panel 6: Marissa waist up
Panel 7: Milo being pulled away
Panel 8: Milo’s hands scratching the floor as he is pulled away.
Panel 9: Karen being pulled away up close
Panel 10: Karen further back.
Panel 11: Karen almost out of panel being pulled away.

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