Slanderous Tongue Bath

Slanderous Tongue Bath

And with a crash of the bell comes the first z2c casualty…unless you count poor Milo’s heart.

What is in store next? What will happen to Jesus? Where will the celebrity Zombies go to next? Why the hell is Pauly Shore a celebrity Zombie? Find out more when you keep reading!

Oh and just for funsies, the last panel of this strip was a lot of fun. Blood splatters are fun. fun like Ice Cream.

Strip 325 – z2c Slanderous Tongue Bath
Characters: Jesus, William Shakespeare, Wilt Chamberlain, Nazi Jesus, Gangsta Jesus
Setting: JC’s House
Panel One: Bill smiling arm up and Wilt and NJ in the background.
Bill S: ‘What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet!’
Wilt C: ‘Come on baby, I promise it won’t bite!’
NJ: ‘I’m not worried about getting bit, I’m worried about being split in two..”
Panel Two: Gangsta and Jesus talking, Bill S, sneaking up on Jesus
Jesus: Dude, what’s with the way this guy is talking?
Gangsta: Hey yo NJ! Remember when Jesus would speak in nothing but Hebrew?
NJ: Yeah, that was funny stuff! Now leave me alone, Wilt is showing me just how funky his funk is!’
Jesus: You know, I really appriciated you guys translating for me back then, that was nice of you…’
Bill S: …….
Panel Three: Bill S attacking Jesus and bitting him on the neck
Bill S: Done to death by slanderous tongue was the hero that here lies!!!
Gangsta: Oh snap son! That had to HURT!
‘OH NOES! Jesus is the first casualty! Then again, he always was, dieing for our souls and all…’

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