Whipping Boy

Whipping Boy

And we are back to z2c! Did you enjoy our Comic-Con picture greatness? Wasn’t that fun? I thought so! OMFG those where some CRAZY costumes! (I use the term OMFG losely)

Funny side note? I’m posting this update on July 14th so I havn’t even GONE to Comc-Con yet! But I am anticipating crazy costumes and lots of wild stories! Just wait! Well, hold on if you are reading this then that means I already went to Comic-Con and DID post wil pictures…oh god…future posting confuses me…does this mean this message comes FROM THE PAST? OH NOES! Hopefully this is not a MESSAGE FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE!!! Cause that would bring to much reality to z2c…

Strip 323 – z2c Whipping Boy
Characters: Jesus, Gangsta Jesus, Nazi Jesus, Pauly Shore, Wilt Chamberlain, Martin Luther King Jr
setting: JC’s House
Panel 1: The triplets watching Passions of the Christ
Jesus: Do we have to watch this? It brings back bad memories.
Gangsta: Aww shit son! That HAD to hurt like a mofo!
NJ: Could you be anymore of a stero-type?
Jesus on TV: AHHH!! Crap that hurts!
Roman on TV: hehe!
Panel 2: still watching the movie
Jesus on TV: This sucks!
NJ: How did you manage to carry that cross after getting beat that much?
Jesus: Com on guys, really..
Panel 3: Jesus standing surprised as Pauly Shore burst through the door
Jesus: Holy crap!
Pauly: Hey Buuuuudy, We’re zombies and here for your baarraaaaiiinnnnsssss!!!!
Jesus: I’m not sure if I should be scared of the sombies’
Jesus: or Pauly Shore..
Wilt: Dammit, I told him not to do that!
MLKjr: It’s ok wilt, its ok.
‘Oh man, the with Pauly Shore will never end! I hope he reads this, and emails me…’

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