Stay Out!

Stay Out!

And here it is…the most amazing thing to hit the shores of y2cl since…well since Garret popped out a second gay penis while on a bus. This is the first in a long lasting (and great tasting) relationship between Minos The Minotuar and y2cl! Minos will be around ALL week, so check back to see what awesomness is in store!

I would write more, but I need to go get ma’ cow love on with DumbBum.

Strip 314 – z2c Stay Out
Artists: Mike from
Characters: Minos, Tim, Dylan, Garret, JN, Nick, Mark, Kepa
Setting: Labyrinth/living room
Panel 1: Minos finds a new door in his labyrinth
Minos: I’ve never see this door before!
Panel 2: Minos opening the door
Minos: Technically, I’m already inside the maze! So if I go in I’m staying out!
Panel 3: Minos seeing the gang playing Dead Rising
JN: So you a zombie?
Mark: yop
JN: eat brains n’ shit?
Mark: brains, no shit eatin’ here!
JN: cool
Mark: I guess
Minos: WOW! So many how humans in pants! I must grab this opportunity by the horns!

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2 thoughts on “Stay Out!

  • Deth Invictus

    "Brians" and "opprotunity", eh?

    And, are you saying Garret has THREE penises, now? And two of 'em are GAY!?!?