Here is the first z2c strip that I myself did, if you don’t count z2c#0. I have to give some credit over to John Anderson for help with the layout of this strip, as well as #311 and #312. I wrote out the main ideas and he came through with a kicking layout that I took and drew out and took to completion. If you couldn’t figure it out this strip takes you back in time a little to what Tim, Dylan, Garret and Kepa where doing while JN and Nick where being accosted by Chris Hansen and while Alberto was having his confrontation with the Zombies.

Strip 309 – z2c DR
Characters: Characters: Tim, Dylan, Garret, Kepa, Nick, Alberto
Setting: living room
Panel 1: guys playing game
SFX: vrrroooooooom!!
Panel 2: guys playing game
SFX: ka-blam! CRASH
Panel 3: guys playing game
SFX: zzrrrrrrrr CRASH
Panel 4: guys playing game
SFX ka-cha! Ka-cha!
Nick(off camera): It’s Fucking Chris Hansen!
Panel 5: guys playing game
Alberto: That was awesome! Do it again!

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2 thoughts on “DR

  • Deth Invictus

    They're in the same house that all this is happening in? NO! That means that fucking Chris Hansen is in THEIR house! 8(