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My 2nd favorite zombie is the Punk. I liked drawing some of my concept images of him, and I like bringing his aggressive unapologetic element into the interactions. It will become clear that not every character in Z2C is destined for a long run. But, Mark, the punk is my character who isn’t afraid of saying things that aren’t PC. In the Y2C Lite Universe, this shouldn’t be too much a problem.

Strip 306 – z2c Aberzombi
Artist: Jon Anderson
Characters: Jim, Karen, Steve, Mark, Milo
Setting, Alberto’s Room
Panel 1: Jim, Karen and Steve looking around for a way out
Jim: Dude! Pull up your pants! We’re dead! Not gay!
Milo: arteries colapsing…
Steve: Well, I am
Panel 2: Steve in front of dead rising poster
Steve: But pull up your pants anyway!
Milo: pant’s up please!
Panel 3: Jim, Karen and Mark mocking Steve
Jim: Steve, why are your clothes so clean?
Karen: How did you do your hair?
Mark: Freaking queer zombie! Probably died from a perforated colon!
Milo: FAG! Ooooo, fabulous shoes!
Panel 4: flash back on Steve at department store
Steve(narration): I went to the A&Z store, ate the shop boy’s brain and picked up some clothes and assorted products
Steve: You’re kinda cute, look me up when you rise from the dead!
Panel 5: Steve showing his shot blast
Steve: And for the record…I got shot
‘what would you do id you where a zombie? Go shopping of course!’

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