Do it again!

Do it again!

Page 5 – Z2C: Page 3 Part 2.
The main gag as written for page 3 was around zombies trying to eat Alberto, like any normal person would approach hotdogs in a competitive eating contest; Way too much pork.

In the first part of page 3, as I was sketching the zombies, I realized that since I didn’t have a cast of thousands to worry about, I could design some specific looks, which necessitated personalities. Pasts. Histories. These were people. Dead people. But people all the same.

So, unintentionally, Page 3B suddenly started becoming about the zombies. J’s story definitely conveyed that his zombies weren’t the conventional mindless blood slobbering masses that are predisposed to only eating living human flesh. To stay in the vein of the latent homosexual urges of all the characters (and because I really liked the gay zombie), I decided to let him get some good air time. He would be instrumental in setting up my ultimate gag for this page.

However….. However, because not everyone knows local news stories of a year or so ago, (and because everything looked better with fewer panels per page), J suggested that I spread this out even farther, precipitating a Page 3C and 3D.

From a technical note my first full version of this page started crashing Illustrator. At a couple hundred layers, I was breaking my computer. This is where I started getting fancy with the effects. In the panel of Gay Zombie Steve (All Gay Zombies are named Rick, Steve, or Mark) I played more with environments, shadows and a pool of brain blood. I like how it ended up looking, and now that I am reducing my over all images per page I can increase the complexity per panel.

Strip 305 – z2c Do it again!
Artist: Jon Anderson
Characters: Marissa, Milo, Steve, Alberto, Mark
Setting: Alberto’s room
Panel 1-3: Milos’ heart imploding mongate
Panel 4: Milo’s mouth on Alberto’s head shocked
Panel 5: Milow grabbing heart, Alberto in chair pants down, looking orgasmic
Milo: Too much fat! HEART! IMPLODING
Panel 6: Alberto standing up, pants down all zombies disgusted
Alberto: That was awesome! Do it again!
‘look at that ass’

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