Alberto Get’s Off

Alberto Get’s Off

Page 3 – Z2C: The Page That Won’t End
J gave me a pretty simple direction with this page. And as my psychologist is always telling me, I just had to go and make it complicated. I’m just kidding. I don’t have a psychologist.

While Page 2 had the shock and awe of the Zombie Chris Hansen bursting through the window, I wanted to counter that with more of psychological horror effect as I introduced Alberto and his zombies.

At this point, I have not met any of the people these characters are based on. But I still felt this slight twinge of guilt at how I was drawing this guy. I felt like I was one alien rat and one Carrie Fisher in a leather 2-piece away from making this Alberto the Hut. But the way the character was described to me, I just couldn’t stop adding fat rolls. Like Jell-o, there always seemed to be room for more.

In these enlightened days, masturbation is a lot less taboo. Well at least among my friends and this comic, and one of the first images I saw of Alberto in Y2CL was him whacking it to midget porn. My favorite part of this whole page was not so much creating the fictional horror of the living dead invading ones home, but the real life horror of potentially walking in on someone who is grotesquely obese and masturbating. Really, the only thing I see being scarier is if Alberto was actually a grotesquely large woman masturbating. Or Alberto was experimenting with carrots, cucumbers and eggplants.

Don’t worry. There are more pages to come

↓ Transcript
Strip 304 – z2c Alberto get's off
Artist: Jon Anderson
Characters: Alberto, Steve, Milo, Karen
Setting: outside house, Alberto's room
(lot's of the SFX 'fab' in this strip)
Panel 1: outside house
over-text: meanwhile, in another part of the house
Panel 2: shot of the door
Panel 3: fist crashing through doors window
Panel 4: shot of hallway leading to Alberto's room
Panel 5: closer shot seeing Alberto jacking off
Panel 6: even closer, still from behind, Alberto whacking off
Panel 7: zombies sneaking up on Alberto as he strokes it
Panel 8: Milo chomping on Alberto's head as he polishes his pole
Panel 9: black show with white goo that spells 'ghools'


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  • Deth Invictus

    Alberto getting off in his usual way is scary enough. Your further suggestions make me fear the upcoming pages! O_o