Dick and Balls

Dick and Balls

Page 1 – Z2C: The Beginning

This was my very first attempt at a web comic. I like using Wacom tablets, but I had never mastered them for illustration purposes, so I sketched, scanned and then used Photoshop with the tablet to create a digital image.

After having been introduced to the characters via y2cl I had sketched and colored them both as humans, and their zombie counter part versions. But this was the first time I had to actually make them live. From the beginning I knew that I wanted to convey: one, a good story and two, a funny story. But knowing that the characters are based on real people and existing characters, I felt an obligation to make them recognizable to y2cl readers, and avoid potential libel suits. i.e. “You had no right to portray me attempting to have sex with a 14 year old girl. She was most definitely 15.”

I think I succeeded on most fronts. Originally J was going to write in the text himself, but as a story teller myself, I couldn’t resist making an attempt, which also was pretty successful. However, it was Mister Horsley who came in behind me and actually created an environment behind the characters, an aspect of the process I hadn’t really thought through very well.

Like all of the proceeding pages I built, I learned some great procedural lessons, but as a first attempt, I am happy to have actually completed a piece of artwork.

↓ Transcript
Strip 301 – z2c Dick and Balls
Artist: Jon Anderson
Characters: Nick, JN, Chris Hansen
Setting: Kitchen
Panel 1: Nick and JN talking in the kitchen
Nick: ..and the lights came on and there's Calvin, Chris Hansen and Chris Hansen's jizz!
Panel 2: Nick at sink
Nick: So I think to myself 'for the last 4 years I've seen nothing but dick and balls, dick and balls, dick and balls'
Panel 3: silhouette shot of JN and Nick in kitchen
Nick: So there I am, thinking 'booyah! I'm gonna tap some teeb tang tonight!'
Panel 4: Nick arms out exasperated
Nick: But NO! I get Chris-fucking-to-catch-a-fucking-predator-Hansen with a fucking boner!
Panel 5: silhouette shot, JN backed away
Panel 6: silhouette shot, JN backed away
Nick: Dude! Why do you keep moving back?
Panel 7: JN looking smug
JN: er..
Panel 8: side shot of nick, figure in window
Nick: Christ, JN! You're the one in the bright pink...
Panel 9: Chris Hansen smashing through window
Chris: Nicky! I'm Home!
'and Chris Hansen is back'

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