zombie 2 Christ!! (Cover)

zombie 2 Christ!! (Cover)

And here it is…The very first ZOMBIE 2 Christ strip. More of a cover to the story then anything. Man I tell you seeing these finally post to the web is a great thing. This story arc has been MONTHS in the making. As you might know z2c is a collaborative effort between me any anyone I could trick into working with me. On Friday you will get teased with the first of many strips by Jon Anderson, a very talented and funny guy. I’m going to trick him into writing an update for one of these strips.

For the record I drew and colored this strip over a year ago. That’s how long I have been planning this z2c story line, so love it.

↓ Transcript
Strip 300 – z2c!!
Characters: Kepa, Nick, Calvin, Garret, Jesus, Tim, JN, Dylan, Jeff
Setting: mass zombie fight scene
Panel 1: huge fight scene
It all starts here...
(this scene may or may not appear within the z2c story line...it's just really pretty)
'bloodshed, zombies, demons oh my!! oh and more Chris Hansen!

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