This one is a two parter…not because I wrote it that way but because I did not get the final panel drawn out before it was time to post this. I know, sadness. BUT this means I will re-tool the last panel into a new comic for next Wednesday! Are you no excited? I am! Feel these nipples!
Also, I should talk about the fact that my wife and I got free tickets to an exclusive pre-screening of Hot Tub Time Machine tonight. I went into it just thinking ‘well, free movie’. In fact, I thought that so much that before the movie the wife and I have 12 minutes before it started. We used that 12 minutes to run next door to Chips Casino to get a drink. Kaylie had a jolly rancher and I had a Jager Bomb (which had a generous THREE SHOTS of Jager in it). Then we about 5 minutes left so we each had a Jolly Rancher. This way, we would ensure the movie was good!

And it WAS good! Even without the alcohol it would have been good. This movie is on par with The Hangover for quality of funny. Oh, and for the guys there where tits in the movie. For the ladies, man on man genitalia. I want to see it again, and I want to somehow find a way to make a drinking game out of it. Maybe take a shot everything the black guy talks. Or drink every time Rob Corddry get’s punched in the damn face.

I only regret I was unable to drink more after words.

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Love and PEACE!

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