Changes In Calvin

Changes In Calvin

 Not much to say, happy 4th of July everyone.

And now some comic reviews~

Amazing Fantasy #1
~from Marvel comics by Avery, Brooks, Mendoza

I’m not really sure what the point of introducing yet ANOTHER Spider-Man like super hero, or I should say heroin into the Marvel universe, maybe they just want more latinos/chicanos to read the books, I dunno. Not saying it’s a bad book, cause its not, just saying I am not sure what the importance of this is to the universe and why it was needed.

The art is great, the story is alright, and the dialogue is fitting for the way to story is set. So far, nothing really makes any sense in the story, basically because I have no idea who any of these people are, let alone why there is a Mexican girl on the cover in a spider themed costume. (If she’s not Mexican, don’t hate me, I’m just saying what I think) I will read issue #2, but only to see where the hell its going and to see if it makes sense at all.

Batman Harley and Ivy #1-3
From DC Comics written by Paul Dini art by Bruce Timm

Where can you go wrong with a Harley Quinn story written by Paul Dini?? Pairing up these two always leads to something fun, well I think so anyways. The whole series (all three issues worth) doesn’t really have any baring in the whole DC Universe, well maybe in the Animated universe (i.e. Batman Gotham Adventures, Justice League Adventures, Teen Titans Go, etc) but that doesn’t mean the whole thing isn’t just fun to read. I mean come on, through out the three issues, there are at least 6 pages that take place with Harley and Ivy either in the shower together, of alone with the other close by. What more could you want? Also, the series ends really cute like, makes me happy to think an insane person can be considered a genius in the Batman world.

Doom Patrol #1(new series)
From DC Comics written/pencils by John Bryne

I didn’t like it. Decent art, ok dialogue, silly story line. Sorry Mr., John Bryne, but I will not be following this series.

Powerless #1
~from Marvel comics by Cherniss, Johnson, Gaydos

Very interesting concept here. Take away the super-heroes powers, and see what they would have been if they never would have gotten them. I like how they are setting the story up through a shrink who may or may not be crazy, and in his dreams is the Marvel universe, and in his ‘reality’ is regular people. Issue one was very Peter Parker centric, I’m assuming issue 2 will be on Matt Murdock and 3 will be Logan, just a hunch. Very well done though, art was pleasantly nice, not traditional, and more to my liking then your standard comic art.


Around the World in 80 Days~

This was a fun movie all around. Though I was rather disappointed by how short John Cleese’s cameo was in the film. I mean he had 3 lines I believe, but I was just happy to see him in a film(no I’m not obsessed). The wonderful governor of California had about 10 minutes of more in the movie playing Prince Hapi, which was rather funny. Also, I really enjoy Jackie Chan movies, no matter how cheesy they are, and let me tell you the cheese factor weighed heavy in this movie. But if you are a fan of cameo movies, go see it, or don’t, I don’t care I’m not getting paid to write this.

Ichi The Killer~

WOW. Just WOW. Not only does this man have one of the COOLEST most BADASSIEST characters I have seen in a film in a long time (Kakihara), it also has blood, death, rape, sex, blood, splatter, blood, some more rape, masturbation, random hard ons, more blood, a little more rape, some one getting cut the fuck in half, a little more blood, a hot Asian girl giving a guy head and then he cuts her leg off, some more blood, and little gore, oh and did I say blood?

Well, ok, maybe there isn’t THAT much blood in it. It’s defiantly not TO much blood, but it’s just enough. Hidden behind all the lovely scenes of blood, guts and rape is a very good story. Its hard to believe, I know, but you REALLY should see it for y our self. Also, watch both versions, the SUBBED and the DUBBED to really get the full effect of the movie.

Spider-Man 2

This was a really good flick. Focused more on Peter Parker rather then Spider-Man, which was an interesting turn of events. Also, I liked how when he threw his suite in the trash can, same angle and everything like the ‘Spider-Man No More’ cover, I loved it. And I like how it is set up for the Hobgoblin, woot. I wish they would do Venom and Carnage.

White Chicks~

I only saw this in theaters because I had to wait until Sunday (this was on Friday) to see Spider-Man 2 with my family. I wanted to see it, but I was going to wait until DVD or HBO for that.

I have to be honest; this movie was stupid, unbelievable and a crock, which I think is why I liked it so much. Don’t get me wrong, the story is completely and utterly silly, but it does have a lot of really funny parts in it. I’m not sure if it warrants a viewing in theaters, but defiantly check it out sometime, especially if you like silly comedies like Scary Movie.

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