Hilton Ranch

Hilton Ranch

today’s strip is drawn by longtime friend of mine, and webmaster, Jon. he had a few hours notice to do it, cause i didnt have anything.

apparently this girl wants to meet up for some sexual fun.
the only problem is to msg her back, i need to pay $25 on datecam.com(im not linking this, they dont deserve the full plug for makeing me have to pay, fuckers)
well, obviously im not so strung up for sex im going to pay $25 to some website just to msg this girl and it MAYBE turn out to be a real person and not a bot trying to get me to spent money.
the shitty thing is, she is really pretty, and i do have a thing for Asian girls, but still, its probably a bot.

this is what she said to me

So how’s it going in your world sexy!! Its going ok here I guess I would really like to have some fun this week to take the edge off of work. I love to have fun so get back to me and we can let the fun hopefully a little sexual fun begin ;-)hehe”

first, people don’t think im sexy, and she’s way to hot to be interested in me. gosh, im making a big deal out of this while trying to sound like it isn’t a big deal? ok im done.

comic review time niggah’s

The B.A.C.(bad art collection)
~from Slave Labor Graphics by Jhonen Vasquez
personal, i love the randomness of this book. the art is shit(hence the title) but its so random and funny. i am really starting to think the Jhonen really likes to kill EVERYTHING he creates. he seems to torture cute a fluffy things a lot in his books, i love it.
Jhonen i think secretly plays with Barbie dolls and tickle Me Elmos with out torturing them, then makes comics like this one to prove he is still edge. cant say a i blame him, i do the thing is.
the difference between Jhonen and me, well besides talent and a company to back his work, is he writes and draws about fluffy death, and i write and draw about fluffy transsexual gay sex.

Vampire Girls
~from Angel Entertainment
i will withold the names of the creators just in case they have respect for themselves and dont want this piece fo shit to be known(written by Mark Valadez, pencils by Oclair Albert, inks Alex Jubran, edits Mort Castle, screw the innocent)
the art i think is very nice, lots or pretty girls, very Image comics style, in fact i wouldn’t be surprised if Oclair Albert has worked for image since this 1996 disaster.
and i don’t think its that the story is bad, i think its just a touchy subject, vampires on the beach who can stay in the sun because of a new sun screen(see i did read it, well the first 4 pages before i stopped and vomited up my lunch in disgust)
it could be done, but this sure wasn’t the way. i think that is all i want to say about that, i was bored with the comic and now i am bored writing about it.

Identity Crisis #1
~from DC Comics written by Brad Metzer, art by
Well, DC said this was going to be the event of the year, and the first issue sure lives up to that. my god was in amazing. not only was the art captivating, the style in which it was written reminds me of the Superman/Batman series by Jeph Leob.
i have to admit, when i found out who it was that had died in the story, it made me want to cry. seriously, i was fighting the tears back it was so sad. i mean, i never expected that, and yes i am going to with hold the name of who dies so if you want to read it it doesn’t ruin it for you (Sue).
anyway, i am ANTICIPATING the next issue, and the 5 that will follow it (7 issues total) to see who did it, and where it goes. hopefully they kill him in a style similar to how Willow killed Warren in season 6 of BTVS(thats Buffy the Vampire Slayer for you none fans)

Identity Disc #1
~from Marvel Comics by Rodi, Higgins and Florea
well, this really just seemed like Marvel‘s attempt to counter DC Comics Identity Crisis #1, but in reality it is quit different.

its not as good, and it is kind of hookie, but it snot bad. it really just kind of reads like a Villain team up book so far, hopefully it will improve in issue 2. i will follow it, but not enthusiastically.

here is a treat for you, some lyrics that i am turning into a comic

NERF HERDER~”I Want To Take You Out For Ice Cream”

I wanna take you out for ice cream
I wanna take you out for ice cream
I wanna take you out for ice cream
And show you a real good time

I wanna take you to the baseball game
I wanna take you to the baseball game
Buy you peanuts and crackerjacks
And show you a real good time

No I wont break into your apartment
Hit you on the head with a chair
Pull down my pants, take a dump on your rug
And wave my dick in the air, NO!!

I wanna take you out for ice cream
I wanna take you out for ice cream
I wanna take you out for ice cream
And show you a real good time

Her body was barren. No man’s seed would ever find purchase.

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