Just Shoot Me

Just Shoot Me

ok so i really meant to have a REAL strip for today, but uhm, i got sidetracked….so this is what you get.

a lot of shit has been going on, the only reason we had strips up until today was because i was WAY ahead on drawing them. i need to do that again, just draw a ton of strips.

i have a whole story arch worked out with Calvin, i jsut have to draw it.

so here are a few more comic reviews

Heaven Sent #1
~by Ben Dunn from Antarctic Press
i decided to read this one because it looked really cute, and sometimes im a sucker for cute things. hey, dont be biased, all of Jhones shit is cute, i mean come on Squee? Grrr? Filler Bunny? all cute.
anyway, i read the first issue, and i have to say it wasnt bad. i wasn’t expecting much cause of the premise, but then again it is by Ben Dunn, who i have much respect for. the art is fantastic, good use of tones (which i still have no clue how to use) and great panel layout.
i want the next issue, i have the third issue, but cant really read it without number 2. i am curious to see how this series is going to pan out.

also, i thought the second page was REALLY fucking sad, made me sniffle. poor guy.

Filler Bunny in I Fill up 15 Pages
~from Slave Labor Graphics
i made the mistake of reading Revenge of the Filler Bunny first, but oh well. i really enjoyed this crap. i love it when the reader is taken out of just being a reader and made like they are sitting there watching the artist do the story. of course, it makes for horrid story telling, but funny pages.

Revenge of the Filler Bunny
~from Slave Labor Graphics

the second in Jhonen‘s Filler Bunny comics.
i have to say, this comic is funny as shit. it really reminds me of how i would approach doing a comic in 2 nights, or one night like he did his first Filler Bunny.
fans of Jhonen will defiantly like this one, since he hasn’t really turned out nay crap yet. well ok, Killer Bunny IS crap, but its funny crap.

so i have decided to try and get a book printed by Slave Labor Graphics, since i REALLY like what they publish, and i think i would fit in there. im going to put together a 32 page book and submit it to them, it wont be y2christ lite stuff, well ok it will, but it will be all new stuff.

i have 2 pages FINISHED, a third FINISHED ART, and a 4th that i am still penciling, and many many more written. so we shall see. but wouldn’t that be awesome? me having a book printed by Slave Labor? my heroes!

anyway, it is 2:30am and i am pretty fucking tierd, just got of City Of Heroes where i got my new Defender named Mr Pinky-Poo(new and improved) up to lvl 12, and he now has Hurricane(i realize this makes no sense to anyone who doesnt play MMORPG, but then again, fuck you.

oh, and apparently Jeremy from OMGjeremy.com said that my art is ‘odd’. go me.

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